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Induction Wall Pack Type Fixture Upgrade

inductionwallpackInduction fixtures are taking the market by storm because of their energy savings, light output and longevity. These fixtures are leaders when it comes to lighting efficiency. That’s why they’re so routinely chosen for lighting upgrades in situations where light output cannot be sacrificed in order to increase efficiency.

These fixtures have the ability to maintain 85% of the output of full light throughout the lamp’s entire lifetime. During the first year of using HID lamp lighting, the lumens produced are a whopping 40% less when compared to induction fixtures. Throughout the entire life of the fixture, this amount continues to decrease by more than 50%. In the meantime, it still uses the same power amounts from its installation until time of replacement.

When making a decision between choices of fixture types, the warranty and life expectancy of fixtures should be measured. The upfront costs of induction fixtures can be generally more expensive than traditional solutions. But, overtime, there are substantial savings enjoyed through maintenance and ongoing energy costs. Plus, RMP offers incentives of $125.00 per induction fixture installed, increasing overall savings on facility energy costs.


  • Parking lot lighting
  • Car lot lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Area and storage lighting
  • Building accent lighting
Type Lamp Watts Consumed Watts Warranty Expected Lamp Life
Traditional (HID) 250 275 3yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 100 110 10yr 100,000 hours
Traditional (HID) 400 460 3 yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 250 262 10yr 100,000 hours
Traditional (HID) 1000 1100 3 yr (avg) 20,000 hours
LED Equivalent 500 525 10yr 100,000 hours


RMP efficient lighting incentive:

As a Rocky Mountain Trade Ally Hedgehog Electric is trained and equipped to take our customers from concept and design to installation according to the Rocky Mountain Power guidelines so as to make our customers eligible for the largest RMP incentives possible.

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