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Electrical Contractor in these states: Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorando, Idaho, New Mexico, Wyoming.

Hedgehog Electric is a licensed and insured electrical company. We were established by a team of electricians dedicated to the idea of being the best in the electrical service industry and in the solar industry with a vision of what that idea embraces. Values like cleanliness and friendliness are employed daily in our professional electrician’s efforts to provide the best service our customer have ever experienced. We’re dedicated to ensuring our customers have no reason to look anywhere else to have all their electrical needs met.

Here’s a few benefits of going with a local installer:

• Great customer service: with smaller service areas compared to national installers, we have fewer customers to worry about, and can dedicate more time to all the detail.

• Faster install time frames: With our knowledge of the solar and electrical industry we can offer the fastest install times without compromising our quality of work.

• Bigger savings: being a local installer we often quote lower prices for the same solar installation.

• Better equipment: while national solar companies often buy in bulk from equipment suppliers, being local allows us to customize your project and individual needs with newer and better technology.

The bottom line is that every solar installation has unique challenges and requirements that can depend on geography, shading, pricing, and much more. Having a local installer that knows the area can make the solar install process simple and easier for everyone involved.

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